Saturday, September 1, 2012


Holy shit, I'm back.

I just decided to dust this thing off and see if anyone is out there.  I have a lot of blogs, but none of them feel like the place to rant about whatever comes to mind.  I miss the days on LiveJournal where I'd speak my mind and there were people there to rant with me.  I don't really want all that crap tied with my real full name, which eliminates this blog as a possibility.  And I have more interests than just video games, which eliminates this one and this one.  So, that leaves Tango Bango.

Luke and I put an offer on a house today.  When we rolled up in our real estate agent's brand new Lexus out front, we were basically stunned.  We immediately assumed that this house was way over our budget and was incorrectly priced, but were shocked when we found out that it was well within our price range.  It's only a wee 1100 square feet, but it's been gutted and upgraded to the hilt.  There are beautiful dark laminate floors throughout, an upgraded kitchen with nice gas stove, 3 bedrooms, 2 beautifully upgraded bathrooms, a huge backyard with room for a future in-ground pool, and a droolworthy private backyard space with a built in stone BBQ.  It's a dream.

We already had an offer in on another place, but ultimately we decided not to answer the counter offer and walk away.  The neighborhood wasn't as 'homey' in the other house, and we'd be paying the same amount for a much larger yet completely unfinished space.  We'd have a lot of expenditures if we tried to update the thing, and we didn't particularly want to end up being the nicest house on the block.

We anticipated many months of home searching because realtors in the area told us that it's a grueling fight in our price point because inventory is low.  I just hope we got lucky and found our place in the first month.  Although we always run the risk of some investor coming in with a cash offer and putting us out of the running.  We're optimistic though, and we know that there's always another house out there.  However, crossing my damn fingers about this house because it's perfect.

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