Friday, September 21, 2012

Offer Accepted!

Pardon the terrible picture, there weren't any good ones to choose from!
We offered just under asking price on this house last weekend on the first day it had been up on the market. The listing agent replied back and said that he already had 5 offers, and we were the lowest.  We increased our offer by $30,000 so that we could compete.  By that time, there were already 15+ offers on the place and we assumed we wouldn't get it.  On Monday and Tuesday of this week, the sellers were arguing back and forth and deciding between us and another buyer.  The other buyer had way more money for a down payment, so they ended up choosing them.  We were pretty sad and disheartened about it.

We were asked if we wanted to be the backup offer, and Luke said that he has a good feeling about the place because I always end up getting what I want.  Whenever I have my heart set on something, I end up getting it.  By a stroke of luck, our realtor called me this morning and said that the other buyer got laid off from work today and as a result, we're the next on the list.  I don't want to make light of anyone else's misfortunes, because what an awful scenario, but I am so thrilled that we get the chance to own this home.

Of course, we have been this far once already and we turned down that other house after the inspection.  Anything could still happen at this point.  But I'm feeling really optimistic about this place.

  • The house is older (1957) but has been maintained really well.  There are many upgrades to be made (like the kitchen, yuck!) but it's a really nice blank slate to start with.
  • There is this amazing addition of a back room with wood paneling on the walls that is the most perfect office ever.  It's basically screaming for floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and it looks out to the pool.
  • The pool.  OH GOD THE POOL.  Really big in-ground pool in the back with a very nice concrete patio space.  It's going to be wonderful.
  • The location is great.  The neighborhood is very 'homey' and it's close to Hwy 52 for quick access to the 5 or the  805/163/15.  
  • It's over 1500 square feet, so it's lots of room.  4 bedrooms is nice because it means we can have a dog room, spare bedroom, master bedroom, and future-baby-room and then our office can be in that addition space.
Our inspection is next Wednesday and I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes well and the Appleton house will be ours! =D

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