The Family

Here is the awesome cast and crew that plays a big  part in my life.  Think of this as a glossary, in case I talk about random people and you have no idea who they are.


My fiance and partner of 4 1/2 years!  Luke and I met through mutual friends in the video gaming industry, as he is a game designer on AAA titles.  He is hilarious, fun to be with, understanding and supportive, and absolutely is my best friend.  We get along better than 99% of couples out there, with rare arguments and a whole lot of love for each other.  He proposed to me in December 2011 on our four year anniversary, and we're still figuring out what we want to do about that whole wedding thing.  Yeah.


Bella is my 10 year old Miniature Pinscher.  I got her in February of 2003 and she has been with me across states since our home in Minnesota.  She is a feisty and naughty Min Pin, and if anyone ever suggests you get this breed you should not consider that person your friend.  She is a loudmouth with no manners, a serial escape artists, and more like a cat than a dog. She's also the best cuddler in the house and loves to be under blankets at all times.  

Echo (Brady's Force Be With You):

Second dog-in-command in the house, Luke and I got her as a Christmas present to each other in December 2010.  She is a Boxer, was intended to be a show dog and ended up being spayed after Luke decided he couldn't handle another heat cycle.  I'm still kicking myself for spaying her, as she is really a beautiful dog and I know she could get her Champion title if we took the time to show her.  Alas, she is now a pet dog and she loves it.  She is "my" dog, meaning that she's attached to me and snuggles with me at night.  She is the only Boxer in the house who sleeps on the bed while being allowed (the other sneaks up without permission after we fall asleep). She is very protective of me and her family and as a result isn't allowed around other dogs anymore.  She is a very smart girl and I love her to pieces.

Krogan (High Tide's Mass Effect):

This Boxer is the clown of the household.  We got him from a breeder in Northern California in December 2011, and he hasn't stopped making us laugh ever since. He's the naughty boy, and the largest dog in the house by about 20 pounds.  He is "Luke's dog" because those two are basically inseparable.  He makes hilarious sounds, is obsessed with dinner time, hates going in his cage, and thumps his leg when you scratch him on his neck.  He's rad.

Rosie (ARC Custom Blend):

Rosie is my American Quarter Horse, a 3 year old mare with awesome breeding.  We train (and will eventually show in) the Western sport of reining, a high speed intense discipline all about training and the partnership between rider and horse. I keep her at a reining ranch in south San Diego along the Mexican border.  She loves to eat everything in sight and is super lazy.  I love her! :)

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