Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pros and Cons

Do pros and cons lists every really end up working out to help anyone make a decision?  Let's see here.  Trying to decide between two houses.... I underlined the things I think are the most crucial.

Pros on Appleton:

- Pool in the backyard
- Large house (1500+ square feet)
- Rad bonus room/library thing
- Two car garage
- All new windows
- Closer to Luke's work

Cons on Appleton:

- No real driveway to park in
- Not a lot of grass for the dogs
- Price is high
- Needs a LOT of work (kitchen, both bathrooms, new flooring in some rooms, painting)
- In Clairemont, a neighborhood we don't love.
- Requires the 52 to quickly get to any freeways, not convenient to the 805 or the 5.


Pros on Felton:

- Charming house
- In the neighborhood we love, walkable to stuff
- House is already refinished, needs no work to move in.
- At the high list price, is $36,000 cheaper than Appleton.  At the low list price, is $66,000 cheaper than Appleton.
- We know the rental market in the area, and a $2200/month rent would be absolutely doable there.
- More yard space for the dogs
- Few blocks from the 805

Cons on Felton:

- Neighbor's house is run down, badly.
- House is small
- Old house built in 1929, potential problems?
- No furnace, uses space heaters.
- Further from Luke's work
- One bathroom

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